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Autonomous vehicles and cycling: Policy implications and management issues Simone Pettigrew, John D. Nelson, Richard Norman Cycling as a form of active transport has great benefits for individuals and society, yet prevalence rates in many countries are low. The advent of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is likely to have substantial implications for cyclists, however little is known... Read article 11 August 2020Journal Articles Read More
A methodology for projecting sparse populations and its application to remote Indigenous communities Michael Dockery, Nicholas Holyoak, Ranjodh B. Singh A new method is proposed for generating projections for sparse populations by locality, age cohort and gender. An adaptation of the cohort replacement method, the approach uses a Tobit model with varying censoring limits to model population changes by cohort.... Read article 10 August 2020Journal Articles Read More
Measuring governance: Why do errors matter? Yashar Tarverdi, Leandro M. Magnusson The Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) are well-known proxies for institutions and are widely used in many studies across different disciplines. Each of the six WGI is constructed by aggregating several baseline indicators that reflect information about a single latent variable.... Read article 10 August 2020Journal Articles Read More
Environmental Policy: An Economic Perspective Andrew John Brennan, Astghik Mavisakalyan, Yashar Tarverdi Chapter 2 Responses to Climate Change Worldwide: Individual Preferences and Policy Actions around the World This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of climate change policies and actions around the world. At the level of countries, we document the differences in... Read article 30 July 2020Books and Book Chapters Read More