Secondary students’ access to careers information: the role of socio-economic background Michael Dockery, Sherry Bawa, Jane Coffey This paper focusses on how careers advice provided to Australian secondary school students varies according to students’ socio-economic background. National data for students in Years 11 and 12 from five cohorts of the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth initiated between... Read article 25 August 2021Journal Articles Read More
BCEC Monthly Labour Market Update – July 2021 Michael Dockery, Alan Duncan, Astghik Mavisakalyan Lockdowns strike again in the East At the national level, the latest labour force figures can offer little more than a confirmation that the labour market had been recovering nicely until the economy was plunged into another round of lockdowns,... Read article 23 August 2021Monthly Labour Market Update Read More
BCEC Monthly Labour Market Update – June 2021 Rebecca Cassells, Michael Dockery, Alan Duncan Labour market strong in June but likely to unravel fast The latest labour force figures from the ABS revealed the continued strength of the Australian labour market, with the unemployment rate falling to a ten year low of 4.9 per... Read article 23 July 2021Monthly Labour Market Update Read More
BCEC Monthly Labour Market Update – May 2021 Rebecca Cassells, Michael Dockery, Alan Duncan Skills shortages and lockdowns: where will the labour market end up? The economic recovery that Australia has experienced from the COVID pandemic, has been nothing short of extraordinary. Like many island nations including our close neighbour New Zealand, Australia has... Read article 29 June 2021Monthly Labour Market Update Read More
The Role of Conflict in Sex Discrimination: The Case of Missing Girls Astghik Mavisakalyan, Anna Minasyan Conflicts between ethnic groups can threaten group survival and exacerbate son preference in conformity with the traditional role of men as group defenders. We study the impact of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over the Nagorno-Karabakh region on the subnational variation of... Read article 24 June 2021Journal Articles Read More
Housing Affordability in WA: A tale of two tenures Adam Crowe, Alan Duncan, Amity James, Steven Rowley This report by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre focuses on housing affordability and features findings from the fourth BCEC Housing Affordability Survey of 4,000 households across Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. This fifteenth report in BCEC’s Focus on WA... Read article 24 June 2021BCEC Reports  |  Focus on WA Read More
Presentation: Housing Affordability in WA: A tale of two tenures presentation Alan Duncan, Amity James View the presentation slides given by John Curtin Distinguished Professor Alan Duncan Director, Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, and Dr Amity James, Deputy Director, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute – Curtin Research Centre, at the launch of the Housing Affordability in... Read article 24 June 2021Presentations Read More
BCEC Quarterly Economic Commentary – June 2021 Steven Bond-Smith, Rebecca Cassells, Alan Duncan, Silvia Salazar This Western Australia Quarterly Economic Commentary analyses the most recent data on economic and social indicators for WA. WA’s economy continues to strengthen Western Australia’s domestic economic output, also known as State Final Demand, increased by 3 per cent over the March... Read article 8 June 2021Quarterly Economic Commentary Read More
Changing demand for STEM skills in Australia and gender implications Michael Dockery, John Phillimore, Sherry Bawa A method is developed for measuring the intensity with which skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are used in different occupations based on workers’ field of education of their highest qualification and weighted by the wage premium associated... Read article 1 June 2021Journal Articles Read More
BCEC Monthly Labour Market Update – April 2021 Rebecca Cassells, Michael Dockery, Alan Duncan Employment falls as JobKeeper comes to an end A nationwide run of six consecutive months of employment growth was halted in April 2021, with the number of people employed falling by 30,600 as JobKeeper came to an end. Despite the... Read article 24 May 2021Monthly Labour Market Update Read More
Bachelor degree participation in vocational institutions: examining the determinants of participation Paul Koshy, Michael Dockery Recent studies in Australia have found that bachelor’s degree participation in vocational institutions in Australia tends to skew towards students from high and middle socioeconomic status (SES) backgrounds. This outcome runs counter to overall vocational participation which is dominated by... Read article 24 May 2021Journal Articles Read More
Preferences for Government Assistance to Forced Migrants: Do Perceptions of Disadvantage Matter? Astghik Mavisakalyan Developing regions have received a significant share of refugees over the past decade yet knowledge on willingness to extend government support to these groups in host countries is limited. This paper explores how perceived disadvantage of refugees and internally displaced... Read article 19 May 2021Journal Articles Read More