Climate Change and Gender Equality Abebe Hailemariam, Jaslin Kalsi, Astghik Mavisakalyan Climate change is having a significant negative impact on the lives of individuals around the globe. But this impact is not distributed equally. A growing body of research suggests that women are more vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate... Read article 25 May 2023Books and Book Chapters Read More
Identity and support for policies towards Indigenous people: evidence from Australia Astghik Mavisakalyan, Yashar Tarverdi This paper adds to knowledge on the role of politicians’ and voters’ identities in influencing policy-making in societies marked by ethnic inequality. The outcome we investigate is the initiatives and policies targeting Indigenous populations in the context of Australia. We... Read article 8 May 2023Journal Articles Read More
Housing Affordability in Western Australia 2023: Building for the future Alex Buckland, Adam Crowe, Alan Duncan, Steven Rowley, Ryan Brierty The latest report in the BCEC Focus on WA report series, Housing Affordability in Western Australia 2023: Building for the future, compares housing affordability in WA to other jurisdictions for both homeowners and renters to get a sense of where WA sits. This... Read article 5 May 2023Focus on WA Read More
Presentation – Housing Affordability in Western Australia 2023: Building for the future Alan Duncan, Steven Rowley View the presentation by Professor Alan Duncan, Director, Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, and Professor Steven Rowley, Director, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute – Curtin Research Centre, from the launch of the report Housing Affordability in Western Australia 2023: Building... Read article 5 May 2023Presentations Read More
Using the net promoter score to understand international alumni satisfaction Shane Dillon Giving a platform to the debate about graduate employability from the student, university and employer perspectives, this innovative How To Guide explores the challenges associated with ensuring the employability of university graduates. In defining the nature of employability, the book,... Read article 1 May 2023Books and Book Chapters Read More
Does democracy protect the environment? The role of the Arctic Council Astghik Mavisakalyan, Vladimir Otrachshenko, Olga Popova This paper examines the influence of democratic institutions on environmental policy stringency and the degree to which it is affected by membership in the Arctic Council. We hypothesize that, relative to countries with no Arctic presence, countries present in the... Read article 19 April 2023Journal Articles Read More
A tale of two life stages: The imprinting effect of macroeconomic contractions on later life entrepreneurship Panagiotis Sotirakopoulos, Matthew P. Mount, Cahit Guven, Aydogan Ulker, Carol Graham — Drawing on lifespan psychology, our study addresses when and how macroeconomic contractions influence entrepreneurship. — — We develop competing arguments highlighting two distinct life stages: childhood and early adulthood. — — Contractions experienced during early adulthood increase one’s likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur by... Read article 15 April 2023Journal Articles Read More
Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre Annual Report 2022 Alan Duncan, Joanna Holcombe, Caroline Stewart In the uncertain and volatile times that we have experienced during the last few years it has never been more important to have available strong, independent, and trusted research that addresses the critical issues affecting society. With COVID-19, the housing... Read article 5 April 2023Annual Report Read More
BCEC Monthly Labour Market Update – February 2023 Michael Dockery, Alan Duncan, Astghik Mavisakalyan Labour market rebounds with 64,600 new jobs in February, at odds with anticipated weakening. Strong outcome primarily driven by rising employment in Victoria. February’s labour market data makes the Reserve Bank’s next interest rate decision a line call. The soft... Read article 21 March 2023 Read More
Forecasting the stock-cryptocurrency relationship: Evidence from a dynamic GAS model Kris Ivanovski, Abebe Hailemariam The impact of cryptocurrency on other assets has become a subject of intense research, given the rise of digital currency over the last decade. However, unlike traditional assets, cryptocurrency has been subject to extreme movements in price and volatility. As... Read article 15 March 2023Journal Articles Read More
Parenthood and the distribution of intra-household inequalities in wellbeing Siobhan Austen, Jaslin Kalsi, Astghik Mavisakalyan While there is a large body of literature on the effects of parenthood on wellbeing, an intra-household perspective has, thus far, been limited. This is an important research gap given that the experience of raising children is typically associated with... Read article 7 March 2023Journal Articles Read More
Go Your Own WA: Recovery and regeneration for the tourism industry in Western Australia Alan Duncan, Alex Buckland, Abebe Hailemariam, Daniel Kiely, Silvia Salazar, Valentina Sanchez Arenas, Clayton Dias, Michael Volgger The seventh report in the BCEC Focus on Industry report series, Go Your Own Way: Recovery and regeneration for the tourism industry in Western Australia, examines the dynamics of the tourism industry before and after the COVID-19 crisis and outlines the road to... Read article 3 March 2023BCEC Reports  |  Focus on Industry Read More