Presentation: Employment and disability in Australia

PublishedMarch 2024
PublisherBankwest Curtin Economics Centre

View the presentation by lead authors Professor Mike Dockery, Principal Research Fellow, and Professor Alan Duncan, Director, both of Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, from the launch of the report Employment and disability in Australia: Improving employment outcomes for people with disability, on Wednesday 13 March, 2024.

Tenth in the BCEC Focus on the States series, this report looks at improving employment outcomes for people with disability in Australia.

The report reveals that there has been no improvement in employment rates for people with disability in Australia over the last two decades, despite extensive policy reforms and greatly increased funding for supports and service delivery.

This represents a massive loss to the Australian economy, with the report showing that increasing employment of people with disability by 10 per cent could add $16 billion to economic output each year.

Aside from the obvious underutilsation of the talents of people with disability, the opportunity to work is fundamental to living a fulfilling life and to achieving autonomy and independence.

This report offers recommendations aimed at fostering a more inclusive workforce, including implementation of a ‘work first’ approach, enhancing public sector employment initiatives, promoting employer leadership in disability inclusion and improving education-to-work transitions, and the establishment of a National Disability Employment Agency.

Watch the online launch of Employment and disability in Australia here.