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Housing affordability is deteriorating, and there’s no end in sight — Rising interest rates have tripled loan delinquency among new mortgage holders — — Private rental affordability unlikely to improve in 2023 — — More funding needed for social housing and homelessness services — — Housing supply remains a major... Read article 5 May 2023Media Releases Read More
Cultural tourism, international marketing and housing affordability key to revival of WA tourism sector — Diversified and unique visitor experiences will drive a sustainable tourism strategy for WA — — WA recapturing high-spend international visitors crucial to sector recovery — — Housing affordability and labour shortages impacting regional tourism — — Regional residents recognise... Read article 3 March 2023Media Releases Read More
Mining companies are shifting their focus to supporting employee well-being A new Curtin-led report has found that Australian mining companies have a stronger focus on the physical health and safety of employees compared to employee mental health and well-being, followed by a respectful workplace culture. The report, prepared by the... Read article 26 November 2022Media Releases Read More
Greater gender balance across industries key to closing pay gap — New report provides first analysis of gender pay gap by postcode — — Insights confirm gender segregation across industries key driver of pay gap — The seventh edition of the BCEC|WGEA Gender Equity Insights series released today by the... Read article 20 October 2022Media Releases Read More
Untapped local labour resources crucial to easing skills and jobs shortages — WA prone to skills shortages due to isolation, remoteness of worksites and volatility of resource industry and economy — — At least 40,000 Western Australians unemployed each month and number of vacancies over 60,000 – — WA’s economy has... Read article 9 September 2022Media Releases Read More
Report card shows progress for more women in the workforce — New women’s report card provides insight into the status of women in 2022 — — Proportion of women on State Government Boards and committees is now 52.5 per cent — — Women in the workforce at 64.5 per cent... Read article 4 August 2022Media Releases Read More
Measures of overcrowding need to consider more than just the number of occupants in a home: report There is a disconnect between current measures of overcrowding and actual experiences of excessive density in Australian housing, according to new AHURI research. The research, ‘How many in a crowd? Assessing overcrowding measures in Australian housing’, undertaken for AHURI by... Read article 28 July 2022Media Releases Read More
JobSeeker and Commonwealth Rent Assistance reform urgently needed to lift up to 1 million Australians out of severe poverty — High rental costs leave many with less than $150 per week after housing costs – — 11.8 per cent of population including nearly 750,000 children live in poverty – — One in five people living in poverty are in... Read article 1 March 2022Media Releases Read More
Pandemic increases loneliness among Australians with adverse health outcomes costing up to $2.7 billion per year — Young people, particularly women, hardest hit by loneliness during pandemic — — More risk-taking behaviours during pandemic due to mental, physical health decline — — Digital interactions no substitute for face-to-face — — Public trust in government boosted during... Read article 19 November 2021Media Releases Read More
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Review of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, December 2021 This submission was prepared for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Review of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. The Review examined the effectiveness of application of the Workplace Gender Equality Act and the existing practices of the... Read article 1 November 2021Public Submissions Read More
Indigenous culture, performing arts and emerging technologies keys to strengthening creative industries in WA — WA’s creative economy lagging behind the rest of the country — — WA arts sector has withstood the impact of COVID-19 better than eastern states — Released today by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, the Creativity at the Crossroads?... Read article 24 September 2021Media Releases Read More
Housing affordability divide grows between owner-occupiers and renters — WA third among states for annual growth in price of established homes — — 100,000 WA renters at risk of major financial impact from rent rises — — First home buyers big winners from government assistance — Housing affordability... Read article 24 June 2021Media Releases Read More