Short-term and long-term casual workers: how different are they?
The JobKeeper wage subsidy package excludes short-term casuals, but just how different are they?
Job Keepers and Job Seekers: How many workers will lose and how many will gain?
The government has announced an unprecedented $130 billion wage package in response to COVID-19. How will many workers will be better or worse off?
Physical Isolation: Staying Connected During COVID-19
Physical isolation shouldn’t mean we stop socialising altogether and now more than ever we need to make use of digital communications to adapt to this new way of life.
Finding a Place to Call Home
Immigration in Australia
This report provides new evidence to better inform the debates on the labour market impact of immigrants and highlights the positive impact of immigrants on Australian economy.
Potential Job Losses in the COVID-19 Pandemic
This BCEC Briefing Note examines the latest WA economic data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Future-Proofing the WA Economy
A roadmap to industrial diversification and regional growth
Diversifying WA's economy to develop emerging new sectors including defence, lithium, big data and tourism would create more than 163,000 new jobs in Western Australia within the next five years
Silvia says fierce dedication is key to success
"Fierce dedication and being committed to my purpose." Silvia on being a successful research economist.