Getting our house in order?
BCEC Housing Affordability Report 2019
This report focuses on housing affordability, one of the most important economic and social issues facing Western Australia, and indeed the country.
Gender Equity Insights 2019: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling
The findings from this report showcase the crucial role flexible workplace policies, employer provided on-site child care and employer-funded paid parental leave has on narrowing the gender pay gap.
The social and economic sustainability of WA's rural volunteer workforce
This report identifies the challenges faced by volunteer organisations seeking to recruit and retain volunteers in rural WA.
BCEC Quarterly Economic Commentary – March 2019
This WA Quarterly Economic Commentary analyses the most recent data on economic and social indicators for the State, as at Q4 2018.
To Health and Happiness
WA’s Health Industry Future
This third BCEC Focus on Industry report provides an in-depth investigation of the health industry – a sector that is of critical importance to WA’s economy and people.