BCEC stakeholder survey: Help us shape our research program in 2022
As a valued member of the BCEC community, we'd love to hear your feedback
Stronger Together: Loneliness and social connectedness in Australia
Increased loneliness among Australians is costing us $2.7 billion per year
Creativity at the Crossroads? The creative industries in Western Australia
BCEC research reveals the creative industries in WA could play important role in WA's diversification strategy
Housing Affordability in WA: A tale of two tenures
Housing affordability has improved in WA, but not for everyone new BCEC research reveals
Gender Equity Insights 2021: Making it a Priority
BCEC.WGEA Gender Equity Insights 2021 uncovers further insights about effective initiatives to improve gender equality across Australia's workplaces
Back in Business? WA Small Businesses and the Impact of COVID-19
This report covers findings from the 2020 BCEC Small Business Survey: the significant costs, workforce and other pressures businesses have experienced and their expectations for the year ahead
Green Shoots: Opportunities to grow a sustainable WA economy
This report looks at the challenges in balancing economic prosperity with environmental sustainability, and provides a roadmap for WA to transition to a more sustainable economic future
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and the Superannuation System
This report assesses the appropriateness of the Superannuation system for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians