To Health and Happiness
WA’s Health Industry Future
This third BCEC Focus on Industry report provides an in-depth investigation of the health industry – a sector that is of critical importance to WA’s economy and people.
BCEC Quarterly Economic Commentary – December 2018
This WA Quarterly Economic Commentary analyses the most recent data on economic and social indicators for the State, as at Q4 2018.
The Private Rental Sector in Australia
Public perceptions of quality and affordability
This report examines the state of the private rental sector in Australia through analysis of 2016 census data and a survey of 3,182 Australian private renters.
South West for Asia
Promoting tourism product development in Australia’s South West tourism region for Asian markets
As a critical growth market for the tourism industry in Australia’s South West, a stronger focus on emerging Asian markets has become a strategic priority for the region.
Chris Twomey shares what it’s like to ride the wave – in the ocean and at work!
Chris Twomey is a Senior Industry Fellow with BCEC and shares with us what it’s like to ride the wave – in the ocean and at work.
Falling Through the Net
The Digital Divide in Western Australia
This BCEC Focus on WA report shows there are clear divides between the haves and have nots, across various measures of access, ability and affordability.