Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre Annual Report 2023

2023 was another busy year for the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC).

BCEC’s publications were widely read with almost 7,000 downloads.

Media mentioning BCEC was widely consumed, reaching nearly 20 million people across television, print, radio and online.

Thematically, housing stress and costs of living issues intensified, and financial insecurity hit a lot of people very hard. The reality is, many Australians struggled in 2023, and continue to do so.

In this environment, the role of BCEC’s work becomes critical in providing relevant and timely data and analysing these issues rigorously and objectively to support better public policy design.

In 2023 the team at BCEC delivered major reports that explored some of the most pressing issues facing the state. These included new findings on housing affordability, gender equality, and international trade and investment.

BCEC’s research looked at how best to rebuild crucial economic sectors such as tourism post pandemic, and the critical issue of climate change as state and federal governments prioritised transition to net zero carbon emissions.

Read on for  BCEC’s full annual report, including awards, activities and our impact snapshot.