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BCEC Monthly Labour Market Update – September 2021 Restrictions come and restrictions go With NSW, Victoria and the ACT all in lockdown during the 29 August to 11 September reference period for the most recent labour force survey, COVID-19 continues to stifle the national labour market. The September... Read article 20 October 2021Monthly Labour Market Update Read More
BCEC Quarterly Economic Commentary – September 2021 Alan Duncan, Daniel Kiely, Silvia Salazar This Western Australia Quarterly Economic Commentary analyses the most recent data on economic and social indicators for WA. WA’s economic performance continues to impress WA’s AFL teams did not manage to make finals this year, but WA’s ability to host the 2021... Read article 12 October 2021Quarterly Economic Commentary Read More
Gender health gaps: The role of risky addictive behaviors Abebe Hailemariam, Siew Ling Yew, Samuelson Appau Despite significant improvements in health and longevity, the gender gap in health persists. Using longitudinal data from 15 waves of the HILDA survey for the period from 2005 to 2019, this paper examines the impacts of risky addictive behaviors given... Read article 8 October 2021Journal Articles Read More
Time-varying geopolitical risk and oil prices Kris Ivanovski, Abebe Hailemariam This paper examines the time-varying effect of oil price on geopolitical risk. Using monthly panel data of 16 countries for the period 1997:M01 – 2020:M02 and employing a varying-coefficient nonparametric panel data model, we find that oil price and its volatility have... Read article 4 October 2021Journal Articles Read More