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BCEC Monthly Labour Market Update – November 2019 Welcome to the November 2019 edition of the BCEC Monthly Labour Market Update (MLMU). This latest MLMU release provides expert insights and analysis around the latest ABS Labour Force data release for November 2019, focusing on employment patterns across state... Read article 20 December 2019Monthly Labour Market Updates  |  Economic Commentary Read More
BCEC Quarterly Economic Commentary – December 2019 Daniel Kiely, Silvia Salazar, Alan Duncan This Western Australia Quarterly Economic Commentary analyses the most recent data on economic and social indicators for WA. Key findings from this edition include: Mixed economic tidings for WA this Christmas With the recently announced Mid-Year Financial Projections Statement, WA Treasurer Ben... Read article 19 December 2019Quarterly Economic Commentary  |  Economic Commentary Read More
Can bribery buy health? Evidence from post-communist countries Astghik Mavisakalyan, Vladimir Otrachshenko, Olga Popova Corruption is pervasive, but we know little about its effects on individual lives. This paper examines whether living in a corrupt society has deleterious effects on health. Using individual-level data from 28 post-communist countries, we demonstrate that bribing for public... Read article 17 December 2019Working Papers Read More
The unintended consequences of increasing returns to scale in geographical economics Steven Bond-Smith Increasing returns to scale is now fundamental to both economics and economic geography. But first generation theories of endogenous growth imply an empirically-refuted scale effect. This scale effect and assumptions to negate the scale effect both imply unintentional spatial consequences.... Read article 3 December 2019Working Papers Read More