Mike Dockery on what interests him about economics Mike is a Principal Research Fellow at BCEC, researching labour market outcomes and the links between the larbour market and the wellbeing of workers and their families. His recent work looks at Indigenous wellbeing and labour participation. What’s it like... Read article 9 April 2020 Read More
BCEC researchers scoop up awards at the 2019 Curtin University Research and Engagement Awards Congratulations to BCEC Director Alan Duncan and Head of Research Impact and Engagement Rebecca Cassells for receiving the 2019 Most Outstanding Curtin Research News Story for the BCEC.WGEA Gender Equity Insights report, Breaking through the Glass Ceiling. Alan also received... Read article 3 December 2019 Read More
Maria enjoys building bridges between countries and sectors Maria Sandoval-Guzman is our new Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre and Women in Social Economic Research Cluster PhD Scholar. In true economic form, she says, Maria always has a five-year plan. But five years ago, as Mexican youth delegate to the G20... Read article 14 November 2019 Read More
BCEC launches Finding a Place to Call Home The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC)’s report, Finding a Place to Call Home, was launched at a lunch event at the Hyatt Regency Perth on Friday 1 November. This is the seventh report in the BCEC’s Focus on the States... Read article 11 November 2019 Read More
Professor Robert E. Wright to deliver the keynote address – 2019 Australian Labour Market Research Workshop We are delighted to announce Professor Robert E. Wright from the University of Glasgow as our keynote speaker for the 30th Australian Labour Market Research Workshop (ALMRW) to be held on the 9th and 10th December in Perth. Professor Robert. E... Read article 17 October 2019 Read More
Better Together: Supporting perinatal and infant mental health services The well-being and social emotional development of infants, young children and their carers is important to all Australians. Various studies have shown that appropriate interventions at an early stage not only benefits young children and their families, but also reduces... Read article 16 October 2019 Read More
Future of Work Workshop: Call for Papers Our Future of Work Workshop will be held on February 13-14, 2020 at Curtin University St Georges Terrace in Perth. The workshop is organised by Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC) in partnership with the Future of Work Institute (FoWI) at... Read article 7 October 2019 Read More
2019 Women’s Report Card Launch In September, the Honourable Simone McGurk MLA, WA Minister for Women officially launched the 2019 Women’s Report Card – a joint initiative between BCEC and the Department of Communities. Led by BCEC researchers Associate Professor Rebecca Cassells and Dr Daniel... Read article 4 October 2019 Read More
BCEC launches Future-Proofing the WA Economy The Centre’s latest publication – Future-Proofing the WA Economy – was launched at a breakfast event at The Westin Perth on Friday 30 August. This fourth report in the BCEC’s Focus on Industry series shows that diversifying the State’s economy... Read article 3 September 2019 Read More
Silvia says fierce dedication is key to success Silvia is a Research Fellow with the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre. Originally from Colombia, Silvia comes from a family of economists. Silvia laughs when she explains that her mother, father, brother and sister specialise in economics, everyone except the family... Read article 14 August 2019 Read More
Save the Date: 2019 Australian Labour Market Research Workshop The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC) at Curtin University, together with the Centre for Labour Market Research at the University of Canberra invite you to save the date for the forthcoming 2019 Australian Labour Market Research Workshop (ALMRW 2019). ALMRW 2019 will be held in Perth on... Read article 31 July 2019 Read More
2019 BCEC Economics and Social Policy Scholarship recipient announced We are pleased to announce the 2019 BCEC Economics and Social Policy Scholarship has been awarded to Aleisha Godenzie, who is studying a Master of Psychology at Curtin University. BCEC introduced the scholarship in 2017 to support broadening access to... Read article 16 July 2019 Read More