New research finds potential value in a Canning Vale food precinct

ContactsAlan Duncan, Director
Silvia Salazar, Research Fellow
Joanna Holcombe, Industry Engagement Coordinator
Published24 June 2022

A new report, Canning Vale Food Value Add Precinct, exploring the potential of transforming Canning Vale into a food manufacturing precinct has found the precinct could bring more than $135 million in GVA and up to 680 new workers to the area by 2033.

Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC) was originally engaged by City of Canning to assess the economic case and potential opportunities of a food value add precinct in the Canning Vale industrial area.

BCEC Research Fellow Dr Silvia Salazar, who led the study and BCEC research team, said the report revealed a strong economic rationale to justify the development of the food value-add precinct in Canning Vale.

“The Canning Vale food precinct is uniquely positioned to develop innovative new food value add products, enhance industry networks, and access a greater share of domestic and export markets,” Dr Salazar said.

“This research project highlights the potential for additional jobs and economic activity for the Canning Vale precinct and the surrounding area with the right level of investment in transport infrastructure and logistics.”

A food manufacturing precinct could see businesses in Canning Vale operate from a centralised site to cut production costs and improve efficiency, capitalising on complementarities with other major food value initiatives in the region such as the Western Australian Food Innovation Precinct in Peel.

The research also identified the potential for businesses within the precinct to share infrastructure to improve productivity and reduce production costs, and increase firms’ profitability and global competitiveness.

Canning Vale’s already-existing infrastructure and solid industrial base, being home to Perth Markets that transacts 50 per cent of the state’s fresh produce, was recognised in the report as strategically important.

Further information on the Canning Vale Food Value Add Precinct Report can be view here.