Australian Journal of Labour Economics gets a new look

ContactsJoanna Holcombe, Industry Engagement Coordinator
Published11 July 2022

The Australian Journal of Labour Economics (AJLE) is the official journal of the Australian Society of Labour Economists.

It is published three times a year by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre.

Now in its 25th year of publishing, the journal has a long and illustrious tradition as a forum for the analysis of contemporary Australian labour market issues generating interest and engagement between policy, research and industry communities.

The AJLE was last revamped in July 2000 so the time is right to refresh the journal.

The aim of the new brand is to modernise the AJLE’s presentation, broaden its scope in terms of the topics addressed and the rigour of papers published, and improve the profile of the journal in the Australian and broader Australasian labour economics and labour relations community.

The launch of the new website will provide open access to the current issue and the back catalogue of the journal, as well as facilitate submissions for future issues.

Ready? Take a look at the new AJLE here.