BCEC Report

Energy Poverty in Western Australia

A Comparative Analysis of Drivers and Effects
Report SeriesFeature
AuthorsAntonia Cornwell, Mahnaz Hejazi Amin, Tom Houghton, Therese Jefferson, Peter Newman, Steven Rowley
PublishedJune 2016
PublisherBankwest Curtin Economics Centre
Number of Pages104

Energy poverty is a prevalent and growing issue affecting the wellbeing of millions of households across the globe. Access to affordable energy services is frequently seen as a pre-requisite for economic growth in developing countries and has been associated with improvements to health and social mobility in more developed economies.

The energy sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation with potentially profound implications for the most vulnerable of Australian households in terms of economic security, social integration and health.

This report seeks to provide insights into the extent of energy poverty in Western Australia and expand the evidence base with respect to the effects of energy poverty on households. The report draws on unique data gathered through face to face interviews and an online survey of over 4,000 individuals to better understand the needs and practices of individuals facing the challenges posed by rising energy costs.