Energy poverty in WA: A comparative assessment of drivers and effects

External PersonnelTom Houghton, Therese Jefferson, Peter Newman, Mahnaz Hejazi Amin, Antonia Cornwell
Project StatusComplete

Project Summary

This BCEC funded project sought to characterise energy poverty in Australia by income bracket, housing type and household constitution and explore the impact that rising energy prices is having on households and individuals.

Through a mixture of firsthand elicitation of householders’ experiences, a survey of households in three states and an examination of Australia-wide economic data, the project was able to build a picture of what it means to suffer energy vulnerability.

The results draw attention to the dual issue facing poor households in rented accommodation that have access neither to energy saving measures nor low carbon home generation. The research will inform debate and support decision-making on policy and market structuring both in WA and nationally.