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Tackling ‘NIMBY’ fears key to WA’s innovative housing future — Infill housing development is on the rise, but still below target — — Numerous examples of good design and sustainability practice exist across Perth — Addressing the ‘Not In My Back Yard’ concerns of neighbours early in the development... Read article 20 October 2017Media Releases Read More
Substantial growth in Airbnb supply and demand in WA: new report — Airbnb hotspots in riverside and seaside Perth suburbs and South-West region — — Tourism stakeholders see opportunity and potential threat in Airbnb phenomenon — The number of West Australians listing accommodation on Airbnb has increased by more than 50... Read article 6 October 2017Media Releases Read More
Benefits of footy go beyond physical health: new research — Indigenous adult AFL players are twice as likely to rate their health as excellent — — Socio-economic status not a factor for children playing AFL — — Number of women’s football teams has doubled since AFL Women’s League introduced... Read article 14 September 2017Media Releases Read More
We can use AFL to boost school attendance and improve mental health in Indigenous communities Michael Dockery, Curtin University Indigenous boys living in remote Australian communities have a 20% lower truancy rate if they play AFL. This is one of the findings from our latest study exploring the benefits of Indigenous people’s participation in Australian... Read article 14 September 2017News & Public Commentary Read More
How governments have widened the gap between generations in home ownership Various government policies have fuelled the demand for housing over time, expanding the wealth of older home owners and pushing it further and further beyond the reach of young would-be home buyers. A new study highlights this divide between millennials... Read article 29 August 2017News & Public Commentary Read More
Single parents hit hard by energy costs, a quarter in energy poverty — 7.1% of WA’s total electricity consumption sourced from renewables — — 1 in 4 suitable houses in WA have roof-top solar — — Landlords needs incentives to kick-start next phase of solar revolution — Families who earn the least... Read article 25 August 2017Media Releases Read More
WA bathes in sunshine but the poorest households lack solar panels – that needs to change Rebecca Cassells, Curtin University; Alan Duncan, Curtin University, and Yashar Tarverdi, Curtin University Many Western Australian householders are living in “energy poverty”, according to our new Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre research report, Power to the People: WA’s Energy Future. Although... Read article 25 August 2017News & Public Commentary Read More
Big divide between haves and have-nots in Australian education — Most disadvantaged children half as likely to be attending pre-school — — Indigenous students still under-represented in Australian universities — — School funding well-targeted to need — The most disadvantaged 10 per cent of children in the Australian Capital... Read article 28 June 2017Media Releases Read More
New research shows there is still a long way to go in providing equality in education Rebecca Cassells, Curtin University; Alan Duncan, Curtin University, and Michael Dockery, Curtin University When we think of a “good society” – one that is fair and just – a defining characteristic is likely to be that all people have the... Read article 28 June 2017News & Public Commentary Read More
Australians are working longer so they can pay off their mortgage debt Rising mortgage debt is affecting everything from employment to spending, as Australians approach retirement, our study finds. Higher levels of housing debt among pre-retirees are linked to them working for longer. We found for a home owner aged 45-64 years,... Read article 27 June 2017News & Public Commentary Read More
Women rely on the family home to support them in old age Thanks in part to the gender pay gap, the gender wealth gap more than doubled between 2002 and 2014. But our research shows Australian women don’t just trail men in total wealth, they also have less diverse asset portfolios. Women... Read article 29 May 2017News & Public Commentary Read More
Payment delays impacting on vitality of WA small businesses — Small business second largest contributor to WA economy at $40bn — — Fewer than one in ten small businesses in WA export to international markets — The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre’s (BCEC) new Small Business Survey 2017 reveals that... Read article 25 May 2017Media Releases Read More