Briefing Notes

Family and domestic violence in Australia Alan Duncan, Astghik Mavisakalyan, Chris Twomey This BCEC Briefing Note assesses the prevalence, impact of and responses to family and domestic violence (FDV) in Australia. FDV is pervasive; it occurs among family members, and especially in intimate partner relationships. Around 1 in 6 women (17.3%) and... Read article 8 December 2021Policy Insights  |  Health and Wellbeing  |  Social Issues  |  Briefing Notes  |  Policy Briefs Read More
Agriculture in WA – Update Note Steven Bond-Smith, Daniel Kiely, Silvia Salazar This research note provides an update on current trends in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector in Western Australia. The economic and employment contribution that the sector makes to the Western Australian economy are discussed, along with the latest trends... Read article 1 December 2020Briefing Notes Read More
WA Economic Update Alan Duncan, Daniel Kiely This BCEC Briefing Note examines the latest Western Australian economic data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. As forecast in the BCEC Quarterly Economic Commentary in September 2018, the WA economy has returned to positive growth. This is on the... Read article 16 November 2018Briefing Notes  |  Economic Commentary Read More
Illegal Drug Consumption and Mis-Reporting Mark Harris, Preety Srivastava, Sarah Brown We explore the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs in the Australian workforce, focusing on whether any differences exist between workers in particular industries or occupations. In terms of industry, being employed in hospitality is positively associated with pharmaceutical drug misuse, while... Read article 1 December 2013Briefing Notes Read More
An Intra-State Regional Framework for Analysing the Western Australian Economy Alan Duncan, Kenneth Leong Western Australia is a diverse state with unique regions. Studies on the economy that ignore regional developments are likely to be hindered by a lack of the richness and variability inherent in the intra-state regions. This note introduces a framework... Read article 31 October 2013Briefing Notes Read More
‘Go West, Young Man…’ Rebecca Cassells, Alan Duncan Key points Internal migration is a critical component of labour market flexibility. This report explores internal migration patterns in Australia, particularly over the last decade. Specifically, trends relating to East to West migration patterns are examined. Data from the latest... Read article 30 September 2013Briefing Notes Read More
Vietnam-Australia Economic Relations Alan Duncan, Kenneth Leong 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Australia and Vietnam.  Through the Whitlam government in February 1973 Australia became one of the first Western nations to establish formal bilateral ties with the then Democratic Republic of Vietnam.  Over... Read article 1 July 2013Briefing Notes Read More
Two Billion Dollars a Week: The Global Resources Boom and Western Australia Alan Duncan, Paul Koshy Western Australia (WA) has a long association with resource-driven growth, beginning with the Kalgoorlie gold rush of the 1890s which drew people from all over Australia and the world. That boom underpinned the rapid development of what was still a... Read article 1 May 2013Briefing Notes Read More