Future of Work in Australia
Preparing for tomorrow’s world
Explore the ways the organisation of work is changing – from workforces to workplaces – and the implications of these changes for Australia.
BCEC Quarterly Economic Commentary – March 2018
This edition of the QEC re-highlights the importance of mining and China for the WA economy, and includes a special feature on homelessness in Western Australia.
Gender Equity Insights 2018: Inside Australia’s Gender Pay Gap
This report highlights the nature and impact of workplace pay equity policies and actions in addressing gender pay gaps.
The Price is Right?
An Examination of the Cost of Living in Western Australia
This tenth report in BCEC’s Focus on Western Australia series examines the important issue of cost of living in WA, and how real household living costs have changed in recent years.
BCEC Newsletter Edition #4 January 2018
Catch up on the Centre's latest research activities, publications and events.
Perth’s Infill Housing Future
Delivering innovative and sustainable housing
BCEC’s first edited book, Perth’s Infill Housing Future, brings together a wealth of data, analysis and commentary on the state of Perth’s infill housing sector.