Future of Work in Australia
Preparing for tomorrow’s world
Explore the ways the organisation of work is changing – from workforces to workplaces – and the implications of these changes for Australia.
Eight charts on our growing tax problem: what abandoning tax reform means for taxpayers
As we move closer to Treasurer Scott Morrison’s third budget, what we do know is this – Australia has a revenue problem. A more global and digital economy; an ageing...
BCEC Business Manager shares her recipe for success supporting a busy and dynamic team
Catch up with Kumesh Haripersad, Business Manager at the Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre.
BCEC Quarterly Economic Commentary – March 2018
This edition of the QEC re-highlights the importance of mining and China for the WA economy, and includes a special feature on homelessness in Western Australia.
Gender Equity Insights 2018: Inside Australia’s Gender Pay Gap
This report highlights the nature and impact of workplace pay equity policies and actions in addressing gender pay gaps.