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Research Theme: Housing Pathways and AffordabilityX
Housing Tax Reform: Is there a way forward? Gavin Wood, Rachel Ong ViforJ, Melek Cigdem Australian home owners and investors benefit from various tax concessions. Home owner tax concessions are poorly targeted with older, higher income households the main beneficiaries. There could also be efficiency consequences if the tax favoured owner-occupied housing sector attracts investment... Read article 31 August 2016Journal Articles Read More
Subsidised affordable rental housing: lessons from Australia and overseas Steven Rowley, Amity James, Catherine Gilbert, Nicole Gurran, Rachel Ong ViforJ, Peter Phibbs, David Rosen, Christine Whitehead A supply of affordable rental housing is essential to allow households to transition out of scarce public and social housing and into the private rental sector. Affordable rental options are essential for those households already in the private rental sector... Read article 1 August 2016Research Reports Read More
Keeping a roof over our heads Alan Duncan, Amity James, Kenneth Leong, Rachel Ong ViforJ, Steven Rowley Housing cost pressures continue to dominate as a key concern among Western Australian households, despite a general shift towards more favourable housing market conditions in Western Australia in recent years. Housing affordability estimates have not trended in the same direction... Read article 6 June 2016Focus on WA Read More
Housing older Australians: Loss of homeownership and pathways into housing assistance Rachel Ong ViforJ, Gavin Wood, Val Colic-Peisker In Australia and other ‘homeownership societies’ it has been conventional to think of housing pathways in terms of a smooth linear progression, leading to outright ownership in middle age and a retirement buffered by low housing costs. This vision of... Read article 1 December 2015Journal Articles Read More
Making connections: housing, productivity and economic development Duncan Maclennan, Rachel Ong ViforJ, Gavin Wood This is a scoping study with the immediate aim of reviewing links between housing and productivity. It uses scans of existing literature, assessments of local strategies for planning, and interviews with key practitioners involved in metropolitan and local economic development... Read article 31 October 2015Research Reports Read More
The use of home equity to fund the consumption needs of retirees Rachel Ong ViforJ This paper identifies the broad issues associated with the use of home equity to fund the consumption needs of retirees by reviewing the relevant international literature. The specific literature that examines the role of home equity in the retirement income... Read article 31 October 2015Working Papers Read More
Factors shaping the dynamics of housing affordability in Australia 2001-11 Gavin Wood, Rachel Ong ViforJ, Melek Cigdem The research documented in this report offers key insights into the duration of exposures to unaffordable housing. It also identifies the socio-demographic characteristics of those low-income Australians who find it more difficult to climb out of unaffordable housing in the first... Read article 30 September 2015Research Reports Read More
Mortgage equity withdrawal and institutional settings Marietta Haffner, Rachel Ong ViforJ, Gavin Wood In this exploratory paper, we investigate whether there are links between institutional context and the development of markets in home equity conversion that are based on financial instruments facilitating mortgage equity withdrawal (MEW). Using secondary data and literature sources from... Read article 2 June 2015Journal Articles Read More
Australian demographic trends and their implications for housing subsidies Melek Cigdem, Gavin Wood, Rachel Ong ViforJ This Positioning Paper is the first output of a project that aims to forecast future housing subsidies that will accompany projected demographic changes and the challenges these trends may pose for the fiscal sustainability of housing policy. Population ageing is... Read article 31 May 2015Research Reports Read More
Housing equity withdrawal in Australia: prevalence, patterns and motivations in mid-to-late life Rachel Ong ViforJ, Gavin Wood, Therese Jefferson, Marietta Haffner In an era of population ageing, the primary home is increasingly viewed as a personal resource that can perform a pension role in retirement. This article assesses the extent to which Australians aged 45 years and over withdraw housing equity... Read article 25 March 2015Journal Articles Read More
Asset poverty, precarious housing and ontological security in older age: an Australian case study Val Colic-Peisker, Rachel Ong ViforJ, Gavin Wood Over two-thirds of Australians are owner-occupiers and a majority of the population holds most of their wealth in housing. Australian taxation privileges homeowners and retirement income policy is built around the assumption that state pensions can be kept low because... Read article 13 December 2014Journal Articles Read More
Bridging the gap between housing stress and financial stress Steven Rowley, Rachel Ong ViforJ, Marietta Haffner In recent decades, housing affordability has been increasingly linked to household financial outcomes where high housing costs relative to income are perceived to negatively affect financial well-being. However, the traditional measure of housing affordability in Australia is housing stress, which... Read article 11 December 2014Journal Articles Read More