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Stronger Together: Loneliness and social connectedness in Australia Alan Duncan, Daniel Kiely, Astghik Mavisakalyan, Austen Peters, Richard Seymour, Chris Twomey, Lili Loan Vu This report, the eighth in the Focus on the States series, examines trends in social connectedness in Australia and assesses their implications for human wellbeing and development. Stronger Together: Loneliness and social connectedness in Australia explores the breadth and variety... Read article 19 November 2021BCEC Reports  |  Focus on The States Read More
Creativity at the Crossroads? The creative industries in Western Australia Michael Dockery, Alan Duncan, Silvia Salazar, Richard Seymour, Abebe Hailemariam This report, the sixth in the Focus on Industry series provides an in-depth look at the Arts and Cultural sectors within the Western Australian economy. With the boundaries of the sector defying definition by standard statistical collections, this report takes a... Read article 24 September 2021BCEC Reports  |  Focus on Industry Read More
Green Shoots: Opportunities to grow a sustainable WA economy Steven Bond-Smith, Rebecca Cassells, Alan Duncan, Astghik Mavisakalyan, Silvia Salazar, Maria Sandoval-Guzman, Richard Seymour, Chris Twomey Green Shoots: Opportunities to grow a sustainable WA economy, the fifth report in the Focus on Industry series, looks at the green economy, taking stock of the current environmental footprint and development of ‘green’ sectors as well as identifying opportunities... Read article 12 November 2020BCEC Reports  |  Focus on Industry Read More
The Early Years: Investing in our Future Rebecca Cassells, Michael Dockery, Alan Duncan, Daniel Kiely, Michael Kirkness, Chris Twomey, Toan Nguyen, Richard Seymour This latest report in the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre’s Focus on Western Australia series, the thirteenth in this series, looks to add to our understanding of the lives of young children in Australia, the environment within which they live and... Read article 28 August 2020BCEC Reports  |  Focus on WA Read More
Finding a Place to Call Home Michael Dockery, Alan Duncan, Astghik Mavisakalyan, Toan Nguyen, Richard Seymour What are the key issues and challenges relating to immigration in Australia? Where do immigrants come from, where do they settle, and what types of jobs do they do? How do migrants affect the wages? To what extent do we... Read article 1 November 2019Focus on The States Read More
2019 Women’s Report Card Rebecca Cassells, Daniel Kiely, Silvia Salazar, Richard Seymour The Department of Communities in partnership with the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre have today released the 2019 WA Women’s Report Card and Data Insights Platform. The 2019 Women’s Report Card presents fact-based information to raise awareness of the status of... Read article 23 September 2019Feature Read More
To Health and Happiness Steven Bond-Smith, Alan Duncan, Astghik Mavisakalyan, Richard Seymour, Yashar Tarverdi We often hear that an ageing Western Australian population will have a profound impact on our labour market and economy. However, it is the pressure that this changing demographic is placing on our health system that may cause the largest social impact of... Read article 7 December 2018Focus on Industry Read More
Future of Work in Australia Rebecca Cassells, Alan Duncan, Astghik Mavisakalyan, John Phillimore, Richard Seymour, Yashar Tarverdi This sixth report in BCEC’s Focus on the States series will examine the way in which the organisation of work is changing – from workforces to workplaces – and the implications of these changes for Australia. The organisation of work is changing.... Read article 13 April 2018Focus on The States Read More
The income tax treatment of housing assets: an assessment of proposed reform arrangements Alan Duncan, Helen Hodgson, John Minas, Rachel Ong ViforJ, Richard Seymour This report models several potential transitional arrangements that may ease the distribution pressures arising from reforms to negative gearing and capital gains tax (CGT) reform, and help smooth a reform pathway that is more politically acceptable. Negative gearing and CGT... Read article 7 March 2018Research Reports Read More
Scenarios for Western Australia’s International Education Sector Alan Duncan, Daniel Kiely, Kenneth Leong, Richard Seymour International education is a key sector for the Australian and Western Australian economies. It is now the country’s principal services export and our third largest export industry overall. It has been identified in many government and other studies as an... Read article 2 October 2017Research Reports Read More
Parental expectations for young people’s participation in higher education in Australia Michael Dockery, Richard Seymour, Paul Koshy This paper examines factors affecting parental expectations of higher education prospects for their children using Australian household survey data. We find that a variety of factors influence parental expectations, of which parents’ assessment of their children’s academic performance is the... Read article 14 August 2017Journal Articles Read More
Educate Australia Fair? Rebecca Cassells, Michael Dockery, Alan Duncan, Richard Seymour When we think of a ‘good society’ – a society that is fair and just – one of the defining characteristics is likely to be that all individuals have equal opportunity to realise their potential, irrespective of the circumstances into... Read article 28 June 2017Focus on The States Read More