BCEC Report

Green Shoots: Opportunities to grow a sustainable WA economy

Report SeriesFocus on Industry
AuthorsSteven Bond-Smith, Rebecca Cassells, Alan Duncan, Astghik Mavisakalyan, Silvia Salazar, Maria Sandoval-Guzman, Richard Seymour, Chris Twomey
PublishedNovember 2020
PublisherBankwest Curtin Economics Centre
Number of Pages252

Green Shoots: Opportunities to grow a sustainable WA economy, the fifth report in the Focus on Industry series, looks at the green economy, taking stock of the current environmental footprint and development of ‘green’ sectors as well as identifying opportunities to grow a sustainable and diverse Western Australian economy.

The challenges brought by climate change have highlighted the significant pressure we put on our resources. The pollution of our air, growing water scarcity and the increasing amount of waste has accelerated the loss of biodiversity and caused growing health concerns in our community.

At the same time Western Australia is at a critical juncture in developing its long-term strategy to drive economic and social progress. It is important that our economy has the opportunity to thrive, but doing so in a responsible and sustainable way that respects our natural environment.

The report’s findings look at the challenges in balancing economic prosperity with environmental sustainability, and provides a roadmap for Western Australia to transition to a more sustainable and resilient economic future.