BCEC Newsletter Summer 2019 Edition

PublishedApril 2020
PublisherBankwest Curtin Economics Centre

Welcome to the Summer 2019 edition of the BCEC tri-annual newsletter.

The end of 2019 was a busy and productive period for BCEC.

We released our seventh report in our Focus on the States series ‘Finding a Place to Call Home: Immigration in Australia’ at a marquee event on the 1 November. We are extremely proud of this report, and the insights it provides into questions around key issues and challenges relating to immigration in Australia. Importantly it is a report that provides new evidence to better inform the debates on the labour market impact of immigrants and highlights the positive impact of immigrants on the Australian economy.

We also continued to provide expert insights and analysis around the ABS Labour Force data releases in our Monthly Labour Market Update series, along with analysis of the most recent data on economic and social indicators for WA in our December Quarterly Economic Commentary. These series have been a great success throughout 2019 and we look forward to continuing to provide timely and informative commentary on the WA economy in 2020.

In this edition you will read about out latest research, the impact BCEC is having in the media and our recent events. You will also hear from one of BCEC’s Principal Research Fellows, Professor Mike Dockery. While at BCEC, Mike’s research has concentrated on Indigenous wellbeing and labour participation, researching labour market outcomes and the links between the labour market and the wellbeing of workers’ and their families. Mike will be talking all things economics with us, and sharing his recent research focus, which is on the urgent need to embrace Aborignal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

As we look back on a stellar 2019, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of BCEC. We look forward to sharing the Centre’s activities, research and achievements with you in 2020.