Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mobility in Central Australia: Survey Reference Guide Volume 2

AuthorsMichael Dockery, Maria Julieta Rottemberg
PublishedNovember 2021
PublisherBankwest Curtin Economics Centre
Number of Pages70
Research ThemesIndigenous Wellbeing

This publication, in two parts, provides an overview of the methodology and results from the Mobility Survey undertaken for the Population Mobility and Labour Markets Project, Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation.

The survey investigated temporary mobility patterns of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People living in 21 communities in central Australia, and consisted of two parts: a baseline survey undertaken between May 2014 and September 2015, and a series of follow-up surveys from October 2014 through to September 2016.

With 1,075 individuals responding to the initial survey and 924 completing at least one follow-up survey, we believe it is the largest survey ever undertaken focusing specifically on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mobility.

Volume 1 provides an overview of results from the baseline survey, covering respondents’ key demographics and other baseline data, where people go to access services, and their most common destination for trips involving overnight stays outside of their community.

This Volume 2 reports results from the follow-up surveys, which collected detailed information on respondents’ two most recent trips involving an overnight stay outside of their community, barriers to mobility and visitors they had staying with them from outside of the community.

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