Christopher Phelps

BCEC PhD Scholar

BA Econ (Hons) (Curtin)

Telephone+61 8 9266 1744
Research Fields

Housing economics

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Christopher is currently attaining his Economics PhD at Curtin University supported by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre 2016 PhD scholarship, and he is a research assistant at the Centre. Christopher previously obtained his Bachler of Economics (honours) from Curtin University and moved straight on to attaining his PhD under the guidance of several researchers from BCEC.

Christopher has so far focused his research on housing economics. Specifically, his honours thesis explored housing preferences, trade-offs and choices in Perth. For his PhD thesis, he intends to explore housing gentrification and filtering and the role these concepts play in housing affordability and income segregation. Christopher is also currently a research assistant on two housing research projects that are exploring housing supply and housing need.

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