Gendered Ageism in Australia: Changing Perceptions of Age Discrimination among Older Men and Women

Changing perceptions of age discrimination among older men and women
JournalEconomic Papers
AuthorsMichael McGann, Rachel Ong ViforJ, Dina Bowman, Alan Duncan, Helen Kimberley, Simon Biggs
PublishedDecember 2016
PublisherWiley Blackwell Online
ISSN1759-3441 (online)
Number of Pages375-388

This paper investigates how age and gender interact to shape older jobseekers’ experiences of age discrimination within a mixed methods framework. The analysis reveals that there has been a considerable decline in national levels of perceived ageism generally among older men relative to older women. These research findings suggest that the nature of ageism experienced by older women is qualitatively different from men. Currently, one-size-fits-all, business case approaches rely on an overly narrow concept that obscures the gender and occupational dimensions of ageism. Hence, policy responses to ageism need to be far more tailored in their approach.