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Presentation: The Benefits of Australia’s Trade and Economic Relationship with China Alan Duncan, Daniel Kiely, Abebe Hailemariam, Alex Buckland, Panagiotis Sotirakopoulos, Mohammad Farhad Commissioned by the Australia China Business Council (ACBC), BCEC has released preliminary findings from an upcoming report on the Benefits of Australia’s Trade and Economic Relationship with China. Presented at an ACBC event at Parliament House on the 18th October,... Read article 17 October 2023Presentations Read More
Trading Up: International trade futures and the Western Australian economy Alex Buckland, Alan Duncan, Mohammad Farhad, Abebe Hailemariam, Daniel Kiely, Valentina Sanchez Arenas, Panagiotis Sotirakopoulos The eighth report in the BCEC Focus on Industry report series, Trading Up: International trade futures and the Western Australian economy, examines the benefits, opportunities and challenges that exist for the WA economy in relation to trade and investment. The... Read article 21 July 2023Economic Policy  |  BCEC Reports  |  Focus on Industry Read More
Climate Change and Gender Equality Abebe Hailemariam, Jaslin Kalsi, Astghik Mavisakalyan Climate change is having a significant negative impact on the lives of individuals around the globe. But this impact is not distributed equally. A growing body of research suggests that women are more vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate... Read article 25 May 2023Books and Book Chapters Read More
Forecasting the stock-cryptocurrency relationship: Evidence from a dynamic GAS model Kris Ivanovski, Abebe Hailemariam The impact of cryptocurrency on other assets has become a subject of intense research, given the rise of digital currency over the last decade. However, unlike traditional assets, cryptocurrency has been subject to extreme movements in price and volatility. As... Read article 15 March 2023Journal Articles Read More
Go Your Own WA: Recovery and regeneration for the tourism industry in Western Australia Alan Duncan, Alex Buckland, Abebe Hailemariam, Daniel Kiely, Silvia Salazar, Valentina Sanchez Arenas, Clayton Dias, Michael Volgger The seventh report in the BCEC Focus on Industry report series, Go Your Own Way: Recovery and regeneration for the tourism industry in Western Australia, examines the dynamics of the tourism industry before and after the COVID-19 crisis and outlines the road to... Read article 3 March 2023BCEC Reports  |  Focus on Industry Read More
Western Australia’s trade and economic relationship with China Alan Duncan, Abebe Hailemariam, Daniel Kiely The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre was approached by the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) to evaluate the benefits of Western Australia’s trade, export and investment activity with China to the State’s households. China is the second largest economy in the... Read article 9 November 2022Research Reports Read More
Family and Domestic Violence Leave Review Rebecca Cassells, Alan Duncan, Abebe Hailemariam, Astghik Mavisakalyan The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre was commissioned to undertake an independent economic analysis of the cost of providing paid family and domestic violence leave to workers on the modern award wage by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) as... Read article 16 May 2022Research Reports Read More
Income inequality and housing prices in the very long-run Abebe Hailemariam, Sefa Awaworyi Churchill, Russell Smyth, Kingsley Tetteh Baako We examine the relationship between income inequality and house prices for a panel of 17 OECD countries over the period 1870 to 2015. Our identification strategy takes advantage of exogenous variation in culturally weighted communist influence to instrument for within-country... Read article 19 January 2022Journal Articles Read More
Forecasting the dynamic relationship between crude oil and stock prices since the 19th century Abebe Hailemariam, Kris Ivanovski In this paper, we model and forecast the volatility and correlation between oil prices and stock returns. Employing a recently innovated generalized autoregressive score (GAS) model based on the score function and using long historical data spanning from 1871 to... Read article 1 December 2021Journal Articles Read More
Gender health gaps: The role of risky addictive behaviors Abebe Hailemariam, Siew Ling Yew, Samuelson Appau Despite significant improvements in health and longevity, the gender gap in health persists. Using longitudinal data from 15 waves of the HILDA survey for the period from 2005 to 2019, this paper examines the impacts of risky addictive behaviors given... Read article 8 October 2021Journal Articles Read More
Time-varying geopolitical risk and oil prices Kris Ivanovski, Abebe Hailemariam This paper examines the time-varying effect of oil price on geopolitical risk. Using monthly panel data of 16 countries for the period 1997:M01 – 2020:M02 and employing a varying-coefficient nonparametric panel data model, we find that oil price and its volatility have... Read article 4 October 2021Journal Articles Read More
Creativity at the Crossroads? The creative industries in Western Australia Michael Dockery, Alan Duncan, Silvia Salazar, Richard Seymour, Abebe Hailemariam This report, the sixth in the Focus on Industry series provides an in-depth look at the Arts and Cultural sectors within the Western Australian economy. With the boundaries of the sector defying definition by standard statistical collections, this report takes a... Read article 24 September 2021BCEC Reports  |  Focus on Industry Read More