The impact of tariff structure changes on energy vulnerable households

Centre PersonnelChris Twomey
External PersonnelTom Houghton, Scott Davies
Research PartnersHorizon Power
Project StatusComplete

Project Summary

This is a mixed methods research project aimed at gaining a better understanding of the experience of energy vulnerable households under changes to electricity tariff structures. The research is a collaboration between Curtin University, WACOSS and Horizon Power and will draw on a rich dataset resulting from a pilot project in regional WA to be conducted by Horizon Power over the 2016/2017 summer. The pilot will allow Horizon Power to test key features of a ‘power plan’ pricing concept based on a model similar to the mobile phone plans now familiar to most households. This study will examine the effect on consumption behaviour as well as gathering data on first-hand experiences. The resulting data and associated analysis will be unique in Australia given the regional location of the study, access to smart meters at every household in the location, allowing both the study participants and control group to be monitored, and nature of tariff being tested.