Aboriginal Assets? The impact of major agreements associated with Native title in Western Australia

Centre PersonnelMichael Dockery
External PersonnelAileen Hoath, Sarah Prout
Research PartnersUniversity of Western Australia
Project FundingDepartment of Primary Industries and Regional Development (WA)
Project StatusComplete (April 2015 to December 2016)

Project Summary

This research investigates how effectively agreements arising from native title determinations are meeting the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples. It is based on a review of relevant academic and ‘grey’ literature as well as case studies of the experiences of three Western Australian Aboriginal native title groups in their efforts to leverage agreements with government and industry to enhance their wellbeing and pursue their aspirations. The case studies focused on two existing Indigenous Land Use Agreements, plus the early experiences a new Aboriginal Corporation in navigating the native title framework and agreement making processes. The research sought to provide insights into the arrangements for managing the benefits and assets associated with negotiated agreements, with a focus on the use of trusts; and how Aboriginal groups themselves were evaluating the outcomes of agreements, resulting in a number of policy recommendations put to the WA government.