Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and the superannuation system

Centre PersonnelMichael Dockery, Alan Duncan, Rebecca Cassells
External PersonnelNigar Sultana
Project FundingUnisuper Management PTY Ltd
Project StatusCurrent (May 2019 to June 2020)

Project Summary

In recognition of the special challenges facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of superannuation funds, UniSuper and Curtin University are collaborating on a research project to explore how superannuation outcomes could be improved for Indigenous Australians.

The project aims to improve understanding of inequities facing Indigenous Australians that are inherent in the existing Australian superannuation system and more general retirement incomes framework; and to identify needs of UniSuper’s Indigenous members and ways policies and practices can be more responsive to those needs.

The research will involve a combination of quantitative analyses and modelling and qualitative focus groups. Publication of a comprehensive research report is anticipated, along with a number of targeted communication outputs, such as briefing notes.