Mike Dockery returns to BCEC after teaching secondment

ContactsMichael Dockery, Principal Research Fellow
Published14 January 2019

Principal Research Fellow Mike Dockery returns to BCEC after a teaching secondment to Curtin University’s School of Economics, Finance and Property. At the end of 2018, Mike swapped the mountains of paper work and marking for the mountains of Peru, and economic theory for the more up-to-date thinking of the Incas. Mike is delighted to be back in a research role and working again with the BCEC team.

On his return, he submitted a paper providing evidence that Indigenous parents passing on traditional culture to their children promotes better developmental outcomes – a work many years in the making. He’s also resumed work on occupational segregation and women’s job satisfaction; returns to private schooling; and parental aspirations for children’s higher education. Mike has a report on Housing and Children’s Wellbeing to finalise for an existing Australian Housing and Urban Institute (AHURI) grant, and a new AHURI grant commencing on sustaining Indigenous

In 2019 Mike hopes to find time to initiate a project on Indigenous incarceration while helping his younger two boys navigate their 2nd and 3rd years of high school. To relax, Mike takes time out trying to learn piano, which unfortunately is not proving so relaxing for the rest of the family.