Mohammad Farhad

Research assistant

PhD (Economics, The University of Western Australia)
Masters (International Law and Economics, World Trade Institute, University of Bern)
Masters (Development Studies, University of Dhaka)

Research Fields

International economics, international trade policy and law, economic analysis of regulation and policy, business process analysis, macro- and micro-econometrics and data analysis.


Dr Farhad is a Researcher at Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre and his research focuses on international trade, time-series analysis and economic analysis of regulation and policy.

Farhad’s expertise includes economic and policy analysis, trade policy and trade facilitation, research and data analysis, policy advocacy and training, project development and management, stakeholder collaboration, government and international relations, and graduate-level teaching.

Farhad contributed to key analysis on green trade and decarbonisation of WA section in the recently completed BCEC’s International Trade Futures report and is also involved in other ongoing BCEC research activities.

He worked with several international organisations and think tanks as a consultant including ADB, World Bank, UNCTAD, UNESCAP, ARTNet, OECD and ICTSD, and contributing towards promoting trade and development policy in the Asia Pacific region.