BCEC Report

Western Australia’s International Education Sector: Performance and Prospects

Report SeriesFeature
AuthorsAlan Duncan, Daniel Kiely, Kenneth Leong, John Phillimore, Richard Seymour
PublishedNovember 2016
Number of Pages104

Australia has been a leader in international education for many years, and it is now the country’s principal services export and our third largest export industry overall. It has been identified in any government and other studies as an industry with strong growth potential. While Western Australia continues to see growth in international student enrolments, the states’ share of overall international enrolments to Australia has declined.

This report outlines the performance and prospects for WA’s international education sector. We analyse trends in international student enrolments across the main sectors including higher education, VET, ELICOS, schools and non-award. Key source countries for WA are reported on, and we compare WA’s source country concentrations to that of other states. The value-added contribution of international education to WA is presented, and scenario analysis explores potential future growth trajectories. Economic modelling shows the importance of various  macroeconomic push and pull factors that determine student choice of destination.

Finally, the strategies currently being undertaken by other state and territory governments aimed at promoting international education are presented and compared. This report will assist policy makers and stakeholders in making decisions that will promote the industry in WA, to ensure that WA obtains an appropriate share of international students and optimises its potential in gaining the broader social, cultural and economic benefits that the sector brings. We would like to thank the Western Australian Private Education and Training Industry Association and the other
sponsors for their invitation to undertake the research for this report.