BCEC Report

Enhancing niche tourism

Prospects for south west Western Australia to integrate tourism and agri-food systems
Report SeriesFeature
AuthorsKerry Brown, Subas Dhakal, Mirjam Wiedemann, Lisa Daniel
PublishedFebruary 2019
PublisherBankwest Curtin Economics Centre
Number of Pages100

This research builds a profile and understanding of the capacity of regions to benefit from extending their traditional industrial base to include value-added niche activities. These investigations into locally based agri-food systems and niche tourism deliver research findings to support goals to capitalise on existing economic strengths/endowments and new economic and community development opportunities, particularly in relation to the south west region of Western Australia (WA).

This research looks at two regions in southwestern WA, the South West and the Great Southern, in depth by analysing policy documents and interviewing food producers, policy-makers and retailers. Results give a deep insight into opportunities and challenges of agri-food niche tourism approaches.

Policy areas that may be informed by the evidence presented in this report include regional development through specialist tourism and its possible role as a generator of regional prosperity and wellbeing. Advancement of regional agri-food systems and premium local products and their integration with niche tourism contributes to understanding the development strategies and initiatives that are most likely to contribute to the success of achieving WA’s regional development plans.