Investigating the travel patterns of Chinese tourists in Western Australia

External PersonnelJianhong (Cecilia) Xia, Zhirong Chen, Qian (Chayn) Sun, Torsten Reiners, Kirsten Holmes
Project StatusComplete

Project Summary

The aim of this project is to derive a set of reliable itineraries of Chinese tourists in Western Australia (WA) by taking advantage of information available on the Internet, in order to provide consumer and market insights and the potential for tourism industry management. Volunteered geographical information (VGI) and tourists’ trip diary surveys will be used to identify the travel information of Chinese tourists and evaluate the performance of tourism cross WA region.

The project will then identify and map the popular travel patterns and construct reliable travel itineraries using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Markov/semi-Markov chain methods. Data mining methods will be also used to characterise the popular travel itineraries. Finally, a series of travel itineraries and their corresponding target markets will be proposed to the WA tourism sectors for promoting WA tourist products to Chinese tourist markets.