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The other gender equality gap Australia needs to talk about The G20 leaders have committed to reduce the gap between male and female workforce participation rates by 25% by 2025. The gender equality focus by many of the leaders during the summit, including UN Secretry-General Ban Ki Moon, aims to... Read article 16 November 2014The Conversation Read More
Debunking the ‘cost of children’ argument Sherry Bawa, Curtin University and Michael Dockery, Curtin University Highly publicised estimates of the cost of raising a family in Australia suggest that parents must make hefty financial sacrifices to meet the needs of their children. In a recent paper,... Read article 2 July 2014The Conversation Read More
Higher education changes: another hit for Australian women? Rebecca Cassells, Curtin University In a recent radio interview, federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne refused to contemplate a hypothetical situation that involved young women doing all the heavy lifting under his government’s plans to transform higher education in Australia into... Read article 2 June 2014The Conversation Read More
Changing times: the economic policies WA needs now Alan Duncan, Curtin University One of biggest issues to be addressed in tomorrow’s WA Senate poll – and perhaps one of the most complex, too – is how best to maintain the state’s growth trajectory through the forthcoming period of... Read article 4 April 2014The Conversation Read More
West cashes in on resources boom, but inequality also up Kylar Loussikian, The Conversation The mining boom has left the average Western Australian family nearly twice as well off since it began. But skyrocketing prices in some parts of the state have led to a faster escalation of inequality than... Read article 25 February 2014The Conversation Read More
Your home as an ‘ATM’ Perceptions of the family home have changed dramatically in recent years. Once viewed as a tool to ensure low housing costs in old age, a more complex and wide-ranging welfare role for home ownership has emerged. A suite of mortgage... Read article 5 February 2014The Conversation Read More
The Coalition’s company tax promise – does it add up? Alan Duncan, Curtin University Debate rages on between political adversaries and policy commentators following Tony Abbott’s commitment to cut the company tax rate in Australia by 1.5% from 1 July, 2015. What are the facts behind the promise? What would... Read article 11 August 2013The Conversation Read More