Gender Equity Insights 2016: Inside Australia’s Gender Pay Gap

WhereThe Hyatt, Grand Ballroom 99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA 6000
WhenThursday 3 March 2016, 7.15am to 9.00am

The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency invite you to the launch of the first report in the BCEC | WGEA Gender Equity series.

Gender Equity Insights 2016: Inside Australia’s Gender Pay Gap extends and strengthens the evidence base on gender pay gaps using rich and unique data reported directly to WGEA by Australian businesses. Despite major advances in women’s educational attainment and workforce participation, the gender pay gap remains a persistent fixture of the Australian labour market. The report looks in detail at how gender pay inequalities differ across industry sectors and occupational seniority and presents WGEA part-time and casual gender pay data for the first time.

Four special investigations are included to provide additional insights and to highlight potential policy targets for governments and the business sector. Gender pay differences between managers and non-managers are compared, and new measures are published to show how the pay gap plays out over a 10-year career trajectory. The report explores whether gender pay gaps vary according to the share of women on governing Boards, and looks at how additional remuneration from bonuses and performance pay affects gender pay equity.

Please join us for breakfast with prominent government, industry and community leaders to discuss how best to address gender pay gaps in the Australian labour market.


About the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre

The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre is an independent economic and social research organisation located within the Curtin Business School at Curtin University. The Centre was established in 2012 through the generous support from Bankwest (a division of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia), with a core mission to examine the key economic and social policy issues that contribute to the sustainability of Western Australia and the nation, and the wellbeing of households both in WA and nationally.

About the Workplace Gender Equality Agency

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency is an Australian Government statutory agency created by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. The Agency is charged with promoting and improving gender equality in Australian workplaces. We are committed to promoting and contributing to understanding, acceptance and public debate of gender equality issues in the workplace. We work collaboratively with employers, business, industry and professional associations, academics and researchers, equal opportunity networks and women’s groups and regularly speak at private and public events on workplace gender issues.

For information, please visit Workplace Gender Equality Agency website.