The social and economic sustainability of WA’s rural volunteer workforce

External PersonnelKirsten Holmes, Amanda Davies
Project FundingBankwest Curtin Economics Centre
Project StatusCurrent

Project Summary

Volunteering is critical to the survival and success of rural communities in WA. The past two decades have seen an increase in the community services delivered by volunteers and demand on the volunteer workforce has intensified. Yet, over the same period there has been a decline in volunteer participation across Australia resulting in a shortage of volunteer labour. This study uses sequential mixed methods to investigate the role of volunteering in creating a sense of community wellbeing and delivering essential services in rural areas, and identifies the strategies volunteers and voluntary organisations are using to sustain the rural volunteer workforce.

Project Outputs

Who are the future volunteers in rural places? Amanda Davies, Leonie A. Lockstone-Binney, Kirsten Holmes This paper examines the demographic characteristics of the current pool of volunteers for rural areas and how volunteering relates to individuals’ rural background, sense of connection to the community and future intentions to remain in the community. The paper uses... Read article 1 May 2018Journal Articles Read More