Safeguarding WA Produce through the Development of Fruit Quality Index

External PersonnelIan Phau, Min Teah, Isaac Cheah, Michael Lwin, Billy Sung, Shawn Tan
Project FundingBankwest Curtin Economics Centre
Project StatusCurrent

Project Summary

The aim of this project is to develop an index to grade West Australian fruits into different tiers by a set of key quality measures (e.g. size, colour). While WA fruits are of premium quality, the FQI serves as a tool 1) for growers and exporters to use as a quality indicator for WA fruits; 2) to market WA fruits to different consumer segments and industries; and 3) to help reduce food wastage 4) to support the WA community and growers. The FQI will be developed and tested in Singapore supermarkets and premium food stores using mobile psychophysiological equipment.