Housing Affordability in Western Australia: A comparative analysis

Centre PersonnelAlan Duncan
External PersonnelRachel Ong ViforJ, Steven Rowley, Amity James, Ken Leong
Project FundingBankwest Curtin Economics Centre
Project StatusCurrent

Project Summary

This research project builds on the successful research program delivered through collaboration between BCEC and the School of Economics and Finance which resulted in the “Housing Affordability: The real costs of housing in WA” report published in April 2014. It will identify how household perceptions and experiences of housing affordability in Western Australia have changed over time and compare such perceptions and experiences which those in two other states; NSW and QLD. The research will repeat the survey of 2013 and the comparative analysis will highlight which factors are unique to the Western Australian housing market. A survey will be conducted in 2015, 2016 and 2017 thereby delivering a Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre Housing Affordability series. For each year the survey will add a unique survey module focusing on a particular area of interest that aligns with on-going BCEC research priorities.


Project Outputs

Housing Affordability Rebecca Cassells, Alan Duncan, Amity James, Kenneth Leong, Sanna Markkanen, Steven Rowley The cost of housing in Western Australia has been a recurrent theme in discussions in West Australian homes, businesses and the policy environment. A long held perception is that housing affordability in the state has spiralled out of control, with... Read article 30 April 2014Focus on WA Read More